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    Snow Magic

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    in-progress Snow Magic

    Post by Wolf Olaf on Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:46 pm


    Magic Name: Snow Magic
    Magic Type/Sub-type: Caster
    Description: Often considered being the weaker cousin of both Ice or Water Magic. Snow Magic allows it's user to create snow to use it in an offensive and defensive manner.

    Weaknesses: (What are the weaknesses of your magic? Must have one more weakness than strength.)

    Traits: (What kind of passive or conditional effects does your magic grant you? A magic can have up to 4 Traits, so choose wisely.)

    • Trait:
    • Trait:
    • Trait:
    • Trait:

    Spells: You get either 1 A-rank spell and 2 B-rank spells or 2 B-rank spells and 3 C-rank spells to start.

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