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Court Intrigue, An AU SilMill SM RPG

Jo Kim

Court Intrigue, An AU SilMill SM RPG

Post by Jo Kim on Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:05 pm

Join Us at Court Intrigue

Long ago, before humans rose as the dominant species on Earth, a small artificial moon was placed in orbit to watch over the developing world and help guide the evolution of its people.

When Queen Serenity thought the people of Earth were ready she went down to the Golden Kingdom and informed the king, in no uncertain terms, that Earth would be joining her empire; all they had to do was swear fealty to the moon and surrender their world’s sacred Golden Crystal. When the king refused, Queen Serenity took it as a declaration of war.

Ultimately you must decide; will you join the side of the Lunarians who are bent on absorbing Earth into their system-wide empire, or will you join the human resistance and rise up against the Lunarian oppressors?

Court Intrigue is an AU Sailor Moon RPG set in the Silver Millennium. We’re all very friendly and helpful, and there are still plenty of important roles open, so come have a look around and join in our insanity.
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