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Heroverse: History in the Making


Heroverse: History in the Making

Post by Heroverse on Tue Oct 30, 2018 7:26 pm

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The Story:

Empowered people’s first appeared in the 1940s. They were used as soldiers at first, due to their low population it was easy to keep them totally secret. However, after the first atomic bombs were dropped; empowered humans appeared everywhere. Something awakening in their core.

Throughout the 1900s, empowereds would fight for their right to exist among the regular population until in 1983, the man known as David M. Pryce came out in support of empowered rights. Becoming a spokesperson for the community. And, despite not being empowered himself, David fought for years until a radical pro-human activist slew David Pryce at an empowered rally along with 30 other empowereds before being captured by the first publicly recognized hero, Grizzly.

This is what caused the superhero boom of the 1990s. Empowered and unempowered vigilantes taking to the streets to prevent such actions from happening again.

Empowered and unempowered crime went down tremendously. Leaving most heroes to either retire, or loosen up. That’s when protocol 19 was introduced in 2017. Any hero practicing without a license was now legally considered a villain. Protests broke out, but aside from the government putting into place self defense laws, the 14% of the population with abilities are being watched. Crime has skyrocketed, and heroes are going underground to assist in these efforts.

Will you join the heroes and make your mark through noble actions? Or will you join the villains and burn the world that scorned you?

Whatever you choose, it’s all History in the Making!

[*] No character limit
[*] No word count
[*] Friendly Community
[*] OC oriented
[*] Story Focused
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