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    Ice-Make: One Above All


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    Ice-Make: One Above All Empty Ice-Make: One Above All

    Post by Esart on Thu Nov 01, 2018 4:26 pm

    Ice-Make: One Above All:

    Magic Name: Ice-Make: One Above All
    Magic Type/Sub-type: Caster/Lost
    Description: To most this magic would seem like a typical ice elemental magic that allows the user to manipulate and control ice to do things that only their imaginations could come up with but looks are usually deceiving. This magic started out as a simple Ice Make variant that a younger Esart learned to use but after his transformation into a Demi-god things changed. This magic took up the power of a God in many ways allowing him to create ice constructs out of the air itself around him from a wide range as well as allow him to create large constructs in seconds with just a thought from his mind. This magic was something he had to learn to control as it reacted to his anger at one point and wiped out a city; freezing the entire area and all of those inside of it.

    Strengths: (What are the strengths of your magic? Two minimum.)

    Weaknesses: (What are the weaknesses of your magic? Must have one more weakness than strength.)

    Traits: (What kind of passive or conditional effects does your magic grant you? A magic can have up to 4 Traits, so choose wisely.)

    • Creation - Weapon: Esart can use this magic to quickly produce weapons of equal rank to his highest ranked spell. He can create up to four at a time and each follow the weapon rules for their rank. They have no abilities but instead deal 50% more damage than usual weapons of their rank.
    • Ice Surf: Naturally people need a mode of transportation and this is just how Esart has found he could get around. He can freeze the air under his feet and use it to carry him around from place to place. The sheet of ice created lasts a few minutes behind him but can hold up multiple people if needed.
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    Spells: You get either 1 A-rank spell and 2 B-rank spells or 2 B-rank spells and 3 C-rank spells to start.


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