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Hi, Welcome to Fairy Tail: Endless Skies. We are a brand new, semi-free form Fairy Tail RP forum. We hope that you will join us and embark on your very own journey!

Please be aware that because we are semi-free form, your characters are not ranked here. Only spells, pets and any equipment you make are ranked.

Also, HTML is disabled in all posts as a security measure so we ask that you use BBCode in all your posts and no HTML as it will not work.

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Welcome guests and members alike to Fairy Tail: Endless Skies! We hope you enjoy your stay here no matter how short or long it may be! If you're new, please check out our new member guide to help you get started!

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    official New Member Guide

    Post by Neko Game-Master on Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:27 pm

    First off, Welcome to Fairy Tail: Endless Skies! We are glad you have decided to join our ever-growing community. If you're new to RP in general, the site or even an RP veteran or a returning member who's been away for a while, this will be your guide to settling in on the site.

    We are a non-canon, AU(alternate universe), free-form Fairy Tail RP forum. For one thing, we are fairly laid back so no pressure and no need to feel intimidated about asking staff any questions you may still have after reading this.

    1. Introductions:

    Before or even after you join the site and your account gets activated, you can join our discord server or if you aren't someone who really uses discord, you can go over to Introductions/Farewells to introduce and make your presence known. You can always do both or neither, there's no pressure to do these things.

    2. Rules:

    Once you've made your presence known(or not), the next thing would be to get yourself acquainted with the Rules and Systems so you have some inkling or, an idea of what's allowed and what's not. We don't expect you to memorize every single rule written because some of the rules may go through periodic updates and tweaks but having some knowledge stored in your brain about them will certainly help you go far here. If you're ever unclear about a rule or rules, staff are always around and happy to help clarify any and everything you don't understand or aren't sure about.

    3. Character Creation:

    Now that you've familiarized yourself with the rules of the site, the next step is to make your very first character.  All characters require a face claim which is essentially a character from anime, manga, video game, comic series, or other cartoons in which you use to base your character's physical appearance off of. You can go to the Face Claim List to claim a Face Claim. It can be found under the player support forum section or find it quicker by looking at the quick links widget which can be found to the right of the site. Typically you can't post in the list until your character is finished and approved. The only exception is reserving a face claim. That's so no one else can snatch it up while you work on your character. You go to WIP characters under the character's registration section and click on the character creation template that's posted up as a sticky at the top. You want to copy the code for that, create a new topic that's titled with your character's name and paste in that copied code. For those of you who take a few days to finish your character, we do highly recommend marking your application with the "in progress" topic icon while you work on it. You can use the "completed" topic icon for when you finish it. These are merely suggestions and not something we require of members. Once your character has been created and the application is completed you can either link it on the discord server under the #staff-notify text channel or on-site in the character approval thread and a member of staff will look it over within 24-72 hours. If your application hasn't been reviewed within 72 hours, you are more than welcome to link it again.

    4. Magic Creation:

    Now that your character is all done and approved, you can move onto creating their magic. For the rules on creating magic, please make sure to refer to the Magic Rules as well as the Tables & FAQ's. You can find the magic creation template under the WIP Primary Magic forum sub-section, just like with your character application, c/p the code for the magic creation template into a new thread and fill it out with your magic's description, abilities, spells and etc. Once you feel your magic is complete and ready to be reviewed, you can link it in either the #staff-notify channel on the discord server or in the Magic Approval Thread and a member of staff will look it over within 24-72 hours. If your application hasn't been reviewed within 72 hours, you are more than welcome to link it again.

    5. Socials and Jobs:

    Now that you're all set with your character and magic, you can begin to RP and take on jobs with others. Just know that we do not require members to have their magic approved to do social threads and certain jobs. The areas which are for RP'ing are the towns and cities and etc. which can be located in West, North, Central, East, South Fiore. As for jobs, you can find all the available jobs under the Jobs forum section. Each rank and job offers different rewards, upwards from d-rank the job difficulty will only increase. You can sign up for a job you want to take on in the Job Sign-Up Thread. When you finish or wish to cancel a job part-way through you can post in the Job Check Thread.

    I wish you luck and fun on your RP adventures here.

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