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    in-progress Eres

    Post by Draken on Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:05 pm

    Name: Eres
    Rank: Pet's Rank(D, C, B, A, S)
    Species: Wolf
    Type: Combat
    Description: What does it look like? A picture can suffice if you have one, but please go into detail about how they act and/or if they have a personality. There is no word requirement needed for this as long as it can explain your pet well.
    Abilities: Please go to this page to read in detail about the pet system and the abilities you have, etc. There are different requirements for combat pets than there are for supportive ones.

    Name: Name of the ability.
    Rank: Rank of the ability.
    Type: Supportive or offensive.
    Description: Explaination of the ability.
    CD | Duration: The cooldown and duration of this ability.

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