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    Glacier God Slayer


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    in-progress Glacier God Slayer

    Post by Kagami on Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:16 pm

    Kagami Inuzuka
    Glacier God Slayer

    Magic Name: Glacier God Slayer
    Magic Type/Sub-type: Caster/Lost/Slayer/2nd Gen/Ice
    Description: Devil Slayer magic is a rare and powerful kind of magic that gives the caster the ability to slay demons and other demonic beings. A devil slayer has one element that their spells use and their magic enables them to have complete control over that element. Devil Slayer magic is on the light end of the magic spectrum meaning a slayer's element will have a white-ish hue to it. Others like God and Dragon Slayers are unable to eat a Devil Slayer's magic. In turn, Devil slayers are unable to eat God slayers' magic but they can eat a Dragon Slayer's magic. This is because Devil and God slayers can eat their own element mixed or pure.

    In Kagami's case, she didn't learn her magic from a demon. She had a lacrima that was produced an ice demon, implanted in her body that gave her the ability to use glacier devil slayer magic. Being the Glacier Devil Slayer, Kagami has mastery over the element of ice. Due to the nature of devil slayer magic, her ice is white with hues of purple. The temperature of Kagami's ice can reach sub-zero and can easily cause severe frost bite on bare skin of those hit by her spells. Her element gives her much versatility.

    Very versatile, can be used for offensive, defensive and utility purposes.
    The highest degree of frost bite her spells can inflict are 3rd-degree. This doesn't mean all her spells will inflict 3rd-degree frost bite.
    Ice is extremely weak against fire magic.
    She is unable to eat God Slayer Ice.
    She is unable to eat ice magic produced by her own spells.

    Slayer Traits:
    Element Consumption:
    Devil slayers consume their respective element which replenishes magic power.
    Light Aspect:
    Devil Slayers can kill devils and other demonic beings. Their resspective element is on the light end of the spectrum. Meaning, a Devil Slayer's element will always be a white version of its pure form.
    Devil Force:
    Second Gen. Devil Slayers have obtained the magic through a Lacrima produced from the Devil of their respective element. Second Gen Devil Slayers can attain Devil force at will. However, second-generation slayers have the weakest Devil Force of them all boost wise(35% physical boost and 100 MP overall boost). Resulting in a smaller overall boost, however, while in Force mode, they recover mana at an accelerated rate of 5% more than normal. 2nd generation force lasts 15 posts (and can only be used once per thread).

    Magic Traits:
    The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway:
    Thanks to her magic, Cold weather produced naturally, doesn't bother her at all. She could go into a blizzard on a mountain in her birthday suit and not feel even the slightest bit cold. This also gives her a 30% resistance to ice magic.
    Ice Queen:
    Kagami can manipulate any and all natural ice or snow in her immediate surroundings.
    Cold Personality:
    Kagami's magic is tied to and affected by her emotions(mainly anger and sadness). When she becomes upset, sad or angry, her body temperature will drop, making her skin cold to the touch and the radius directly around her body, beneath her feet will ice over the ground in this state.
    Flash Freeze:
    When Kagami is an area where the terrain is covered over with ice or snow. She can phase through the ice or snow and pop back up of the next nearest ice or snow terrain within a 30-meter radius. This can be used only twice per thread and has a cooldown of 5 posts.


    Glacier Devil Slayer Spells:
    B Rank Spells:

    Name: Devil's Frozen Wrath
    Rank: B
    Type: Offensive/Slayer/Ice
    Duration: 7 posts
    Cooldown: 9 posts
    Description: Kagami calls forth a raging blizzard from the sky that covers a 180-meter radius.
    Effects: -

    Name: -
    Rank: B
    Type: Defensive/Ice
    Duration: -
    Cooldown: -
    Description: -
    A Rank Spells:

    Name:  Glacier Devil's Rage
    Rank: A
    Type: Offensive/Ice
    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 11 posts
    Description: Kagami takes a deep breath and releases from her mouth a large funnel of purple-white ice and wind that destroy just about everything in their path.
    Effects: The funnel is 20 meters wide and the ice and wind can travel up to 75 meters away from Kagami. They can cause 3rd degree frost bite and destroy multiple buildings, trees, and rocks. The ice and wind travel at a speed of 50 m/s.

    Proof of Lacrima:

    Glacier God Slayer LMoPF8k

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