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    Beach Party

    Chloé Leclair

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    Beach Party

    Post by Chloé Leclair on Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:09 pm

    Passing through Hargeon for work Chloé stumbled upon a beautiful beach. Many men were setting up wooden constructions, which could ony mean one thing! Of course Chloé rushed off to find out the details, asking the workers about it. She was right on the mark, they're throwing a party to earn money for some charity organization this afternoon and evening. Chloé didn't really care, but she can't remember the last time she attended a beach party. Most likely because she never went to one anyway. She was so excited to attend.

    It didn't take long before she could find a place to stay at the inn. It also didn't take long before she found a swimsuit that both fitted her and looked good for her. Of course, there was the matter of hiding her guild mark. Since it's part of a criminal organization it might stir up some trouble with officials. Since she hasn't done much to work for the guild they might not suspect anything as long as she could hide her mark. For these kind of things she had a plaster with the same color of her skin. It wouldn't be noticed unless it was mentioned or one has supernatural senses. Even if some hawk eye noticed it she can claim she's simply wounded there. It's waterproof, so it won't come of even in water.

    The sun was high in the sky when the party started. Wooden stalls selling food, drinks, trinkets and other stuff were mostly located close to part of the beach close to Hargeon Town. Leaving ample of place for others to place their stuff and relax or take a dive in the calm and beautiful sea. For one moment Chloe wondered what she would do first. Of course she would swim first!

    The waves were plenty but small. One had to go in a few meters before the water was deep enough to swim in. It wasn't like a pool where you just could jump in. As soon as the water was deep enough she would take a dive and jump down inside the sea.

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    Re: Beach Party

    Post by Rascal on Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:40 pm

    "What kind of sane explanation you would have for moving TOWARDS the water?"

    "Mortals are always very enthusiastic about these beach parties. I don't have much personal experience but I think it would be interesting and fun to join them. Also you don't have to go into the water."

    "Instead I just have a worldful of water reminding me that if I ever fall into it I'm dead."

    "I didn't think you'd be frightened by the mere presence of water. You don't have to worry too much though: any shallow water would evaporate before it could do any serious harm to you, and the water only gradually becomes deeper so even if something happened there'd be plenty of time for me to catch you."

    "Can't I just go find some other festival?"

    "If you absolutely don't want to do this we can leave, but I hope you can trust me when I say that I think you'll enjoy yourself here. And I promise I'll do my best to ensure you won't fall into the water even if something were to happen."


    "In fact you could use this opportunity to train. You're still young so your ability to take a purely physical form is still limited but there's enough small water bodies around that you can try to improve in that area. If you become good enough at it you'd be as safe in the water as any of the flesh and blood creatures."

    "...That would be kind of neat."

    The feathered serpentess smiled as she landed on the sand well away from the water, ignoring any stares she and her companion received. Her companion being Rascal the fire elemental, who was giving the wide ocean a hostile glare even from over here as he formed himself some fiery legs and hopped off of Ciuatl's back. Rascal got himself stares because fire elementals weren't exactly common, especially ones that acted independently and with the lively movements of a young adult. Ciuatl got stares because even if she hadn't changed into a bikini her default attire combined with her body was already enough eyecandy for those with a taste for the exotic.

    Tearing his electric eyes away from the sea Rascal inspected the constructs that the humanoids were setting up, making his way over with the steps of someone who didn't walk very often and because of that put a lot of energy behind each step. Ciuatl followed him silently, her feather-scaled tail leaving a sinuous groove in the sand.

    "So they'll be selling things and performing here?"

    "Yes. Mortals enjoy these kind of conditions, where it's warm enough that they don't need to expend much energy into staying warm but there's also a way to quickly cool down if they wish. Lots of them will gather and that will naturally evolve into them creating all kinds of methods to entertain oneself and one another combined with a desire to profit from the opportunity."

    "So it's all just about efficiency?"

    "No, no, not like that. Mortals don't constantly think in terms of what's efficient. They find doing it like this enjoyable so that's why they do it. That and I believe that many also appreciate the opportunity to remove most layer of clothes without it being embarrassing or dangerous for their body temperatures."

    "Well that part makes sense. Can't imagine how it must feel to always be wrapped up."

    Rascal walked over to the large stage, looking up at it with as curious an expression as you could expect from animated flame while Ciuatl looked around, more interested in how the people around them went about their business. Due to Ciuatl's large body there was a fair bit of free space around the two of them as people made a wide circle, emphasized by not everyone being trusting of the fire elemental despite his footsteps having left no sign of anything melting or burning.


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    Re: Beach Party

    Post by Saraphina on Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:12 pm

    Beach Fun
    The elf maiden started to grumble to herself as she found herself in Hargeon, trying to simply find something to entertain herself outside of the guild as there was little to do right now. She was waving a fan at her face as she takes a deep breath. It was too hot here for her liking. She paused in her walking around, as a smirk came to her face. She may have been a tad overdressed for her walk with her white dress buttoned up enough to cover her guild mark. Shan't have the whole town on the young guild master just yet, right? A smirk crossed her lips as she stopped by a boardwalk and leaned over a bit. "I think I know why it's so hot now..." She murmurs to herself while looking at the men setting up an event of sorts. She snickers quietly to herself, actually rather thankful now that she did have a swim suit in her suitcase back at the inn she was at, and made her way back elegantly.

    She came back to the beach wearing a white button up swim top that clung to her upper body rather well with the bottom button unbuttoned to show off some cleavage, and some puffy swim shorts. She didn't plan on getting wet, but she could still dress the part of a beach. She wore white flip flops to complete her white ensemble, making her smile before she adjusted the pendant on her neck. She had invested herself in a pair of purple sunglasses, and made her way down onto the sandy beach. Her fan was still in her hand as she had a basket, with a couple beach towels in it, and a beach umbrella in her other hand. "Aegir... please let me have fun today." She snickers to her god of the water as she sets down her basket and umbrella before stuffing her fan in the basket and seemed to start getting ready to set up her umbrella. Beaches weren't her strong suit, so figuring out how to work the silly umbrella was making her feel embarrassed already.

    She heard the sound of something landing in the sand, and glances over her shoulder a bit with a soft pout, seeing the feathered creature with the fire elemental. Her eyes scanned more over to the water, and saw a figure she felt was familiar, smirking slightly to herself. "Well, at least I'm not alone here." She giggles softly. She also wondered if she'd meet another here. She could also effectively make most run off by simply unbuttoning the top of her swim shirt and allow her guild mark between her breasts to expose itself to the world. She didn't want that though, she wanted to relax and get some attention. A light scream escaped the girls lips as she managed to open the umbrella, and she blushed, hoping others didn't hear, or see, her reaction before she got the umbrella in the sand and then set up one of her beach towels under the shade of the umbrella, laying herself on the towel with her feet off of it. The cool, misty, sea breeze that came through, made her actually smile. Maybe she should do this more often...
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    Re: Beach Party

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