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    Nightmare Entrance Exams {Open}

    Jui$y Crow

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    Nightmare Entrance Exams {Open}

    Post by Jui$y Crow on Fri Nov 23, 2018 6:21 am


    "Whispers of Death."

    Before the Exam

    It will be about a week for the entrance exams for Nightmare Incarnate Guild. Once every few years the guild hold a public entrance exams that allow outsiders a chance to join if they have what it takes. The news of this event had spread throughout the city, and the surrounding town. It was a big deal, and it not often that the doors of the guild is open to the public.

    This was good, and bad as the exams could be double edge sword. If security isn't tight it could be disasterous for the guild, and the city. Hopefully no one would be foolish enough to attack doing the exams. Where it master, and other guild members would be present. You see before Mors have step over to this world he had majority of his demonic power seal well his true demonic appearance was.

    Since then Mors have kept low tabs so that he want spark the attention of the Magic Council or other legal guilds. He knew he couldn't reach his goal by himself so the time he had been wandering the world he had been collecting information through the use of his magic, and pasting souls. He had gather enough information, and decide it would be best to unseal some parts of his powers.

    The method he would have to use was simple training. Not to mention the area he had selected was Twilight City which is the hub of Nightmare Incarnate Guild. It is pretty much hub city of dark activity so much that it is hard to keep tabs on all of them. Not to mention with the exams coming up in less then a week it likely that the city activity is booming.

    Thus Mors shouldn't have any problem with training because all the wandering eyes will be getting ready for the exams, and training themselves. Now all that is need is a place to train at what better place then the Graveyard. Why the Graveyard? Because it is dead meaning it is a place where really nobody comes especially in the middle of night around 2 AM.


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