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    Chaos Head Guild Information

    Chaos Head

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    information Chaos Head Guild Information

    Post by Chaos Head on Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:24 pm

    "The flames of chaos will fuel our revolution."

    Chaos Head was founded by Rosalina Pendragon as a revolutionary Dark Guild. Rosalina was never one for following the law blindly and felt that the world needed to be changed. There was far too much disorder in the world that Rosalina felt was due to people following the laws blindly. In her eyes, the reason why the world that cruel was because people saw the law as a definite rule and anyone who opposed them was evil.

    Chaos Head itself sees laws as a useless tool to try and control the chaos the is humanity. The Guild seeks to revolutionize the world by destroying the laws and the governing powers that create these laws, whether a parliamentary system, royalty, or anything in between. The people in power are seen as enemies to their cause because Rosalina felt that they have failed the world with their useless attempts to control human nature's chaotic tendencies. Chaos Head in her eyes is a family to save the world from this imprisonment and unleash humanity's true nature.

    These beliefs allow for a wide variety of people to join the Guild. Thieves, mercenaries, anarchists. These are just a few examples of the people within the dark family, but they all have their own reasons for joining, all of which leading to one goal. An end to law.

    Of course, a Guild of chaos does have their own tenants in order to maintain some sort of control. These rules are seen as the only ones that Rosalina felt were needed for the family to survive. They can be changed as she sees fit if members have justifiable reasons.

    1. Do not betray the family. Traitors will be executed with no mercy. The family comes first over individual goals.

    2. Your Guildmates are your responsibility, we are all strong in our own rights. Do not abandon your brothers and sisters for any reason during dangerous missions, this will be seen as a failure.

    3. Do not show cowardice or fear to our enemies, instead strike fear into their hearts.

    4. The Guildmistress is here to guide and lead the family, much like a mother for her children.

    Legal Guilds:

    LION'S MANE- Enemy


    Neutral Guilds:



    Dark Guilds:


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