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    Serenity Evans


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    completed Serenity Evans

    Post by Serenity on Tue Oct 02, 2018 2:15 am


    Name: Serenity Evans
    Gender: Female
    Age / Birthdate: 19 years old (Real Age: 300 years old) // Unknown
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Corrupted Naiad (Corrupted Water Nymph)
    Species Description: Naiads, more commonly known as water nymphs, are spirits born of natural, pure springs of water in untouched places of nature. They preside over bodies of water such as; streams, lakes, rivers and etc. They help to preserve its purity. If the body of water they are guarding were to become defiled in any way it would be their job purify it. There are Naiads who have been corrupted by someone or something and become unfit to protect bodies of water and are therefore banished from their homes and no longer have the ability to purify water. When a Naiad becomes corrupted, their pointed ears become elongated and instead of being able to purify water, they can defile and poison it.
    Unique Perks:
    Serenity can breathe underwater as if it was no different from being on land. This only works in bodies of fresh water such as springs, lakes and etc.

    Being a corrupted Naiad, Serenity can defile and poison pure fresh water that's not produced by magic by simply touching the water's surface with any part of her body. Such as; springs, lakes, rivers and etc. This will make the water undrinkable by just about anyone and will cause mild food poisoning symptoms for anyone who drinks water she poisoned


    Positive Traits:

    Negative Traits:



    Obtaining Power
    Getting Revenge
    Finding True Love

    Becoming Weak
    Never Being Loved

    Serenity to most who don't really know her would say she's a sweet and friendly girl with a gentle disposition. While they aren't technically wrong, this is only one side to Serenity's persona. The side she shows to most strangers, especially those belonging to legal or independent guilds. One of the words used to describe the nymph best would be "two-faced". While to the majority of the public she's seen as a sweet and friendly young lady with good manners. To her allies, friends, and guildmates, Serenity is a cunning, sly, and temperamental woman with a pension for chaos and thirst for blood. She was banished due to her violent and twisted tendencies, no one had ever corrupted her, she was like that to start. While Serenity is a ruthless killer, she finds it boring for a prey to do die fast. She enjoys taking her time and making her victims scream and suffer.

    However, like any other "young" girl her age, she dreams of true love but has much more twisted ideas concerning it. If she were to fall in love with a boy, she'd want him to only look at her, talk to only her, be close with only her. If he were to have anyone else that he was close to on an emotional level, whether it be male or female, she would need to remove them from the picture immediately, even if it means also removing them from this world. Serenity is very sweet and affectionate towards the one whom she loves and will do just about anything to see them happy.

    Serenity's default personality is her sweet and friendly side but along with that, she's bubbly and energetic. While some of the other sides of her tend to come through, it is very minor and never gives her away as a dark mage. She will have her moments of slyness and mischief. Serenity enjoys reading and nature. She respects those who are intelligent and loathes idiots.

    As a fighter, Serenity is ruthless. She will brutally cut down any enemy that stands in her way without hesitation. When she is acting as a leader, Serenity will command and lead those placed under her with unwavering determination. She is a "do-or-die" type of leader only not in a typical way. If you don't kill the enemy and manage to come back alive, she will kill you herself. She has no need for those who show any weakness in a fight.


    Height: 5’6” // 168 cm
    Weight: 121 lbs // 55 kg
    Hair: Aqua Blue
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Overall Appearance:


    Guild: Nightmare Incarnate
    Guild Tattoo: Left thigh(white)

    Serenity's Color: #00a3cc

    Serenity's Voice:

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    completed Re: Serenity Evans

    Post by Antares on Tue Oct 02, 2018 5:17 am

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