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    Music Magic [WIP] [Takeo Primary Magic]


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    Music Magic [WIP] [Takeo Primary Magic]

    Post by Henrex on Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:03 pm


    Magic Name: Music Magic
    Magic Type/Sub-type: Caster
    Description: By channeling the user's magic energy into their mouth and vocal cords, the user can channel this through an instrument or some other form of medium to create music with various effects. Most of these effects are either defensive or supportive in nature --

    • Can provide immense support
    • By increasing the amount of magic energy used, the user can stretch the range of the songs


    • No offensive capabilities
    • Only takes effect if the opponent hears the song
    • Can not create music without an instrument/medium


    • Trait: Augmentation/Manipulation of existing sounds (in order to turn it into music)
    • Trait: Augmentation/Manipulation of existing music
    • Trait: User can create an instrument of choice -- for Takeo, an ocarina.
    • Trait: N/A


    A-Rank Spells:
    Name: Music Magic - Holy Cocoon
    Rank: A
    Type: Music Magic - Support
    Duration: 1-2 posts
    Cooldown: 3-4 posts



    B-Rank Spells:
    Name: Music Magic - Soothing Song
    Rank: B
    Type: Mental/Emotional Support
    Duration: N/A, will be explained in the description
    Cooldown: 1-2 posts
    Description: As a way to aid in the mental and emotional needs of his guild members, Takeo's Music Magic can take a therapeutic effect through this spell. By playing a specific song, Takeo is able to use the influence of his Music Magic to create a magic melody that reaches out to anyone within the vicinity and attempts to heal them, emotionally and mentally. A practical example of this would be if Takeo were in the range of his allies, and they were very emotionally unstable (i.e a state of mania, depression, anxiety, etc), he could use this spell in order to
    Effects: Five meters

    • Can provide immense mental support to others
    • Can be used on a multitude of people

    • No offensive capabilities, as it is meant to heal others, not damage
    • Only takes effect if people hear the song
    • Needs a medium to travel to, as Takeo cannot generate music

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