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FEAR - A Modern Urban Fantasy


FEAR - A Modern Urban Fantasy

Post by nukacherrypop on Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:29 am

In 1855 The Third Pandemic, a worldwide black plague, struck a devastating blow for humankind. For the first time in recorded history The Others, those supernaturally gifted or cursed, outnumbered humanity. For some 150 years, The Others were no longer afraid to live out in the open.

In our modern day, humans have quickly repopulated their numbers threatening to surpass that of The Others. What little peace had been afforded for only a century is on the verge of collapse. An initiative between all species was made to create a refuge for all. Haven, a man-made island where all are welcome, and all are safe.

But war looms ever on the horizon. What side will you stand on? Will you Face Everything And Rise? Or Forget Everything And Run?

modern urban fantasy • jcink • no word count • no stressful activity requirements • celebrity face claims • welcoming community
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